Gwadar Gymkhana

Online Reciprocal Ceremony between Gwadar Gymkhana and City University Club, London


The City University Club, London and Gwadar Gymkhana became reciprocal clubs in an online ceremony held on 10th June 2021. The agreement was signed by President Gwadar Gymkhana Ahmed Iqbal Baloch and C.E.O City University Club Hasita Senanayake. Both Mr. Senanyake and Mr. Baloch expressed great joy for developing a long term relationship through this reciprocal.

The City University Club is a lunch club in the heart of the financial area of London. It is the ideal place for lunch for a modest price. Originally established in 1895 by Oxbridge graduates who wanted a lunch club in the City. The link with the universities remains, but membership is now much wider, embracing many professions enabling members to meet like-minded individuals to support their candidature. The reciprocity between Gwadar Gymkhana and City University Club allows members of both the clubs to avail the facilities available at the Clubs.

To pursue the aim to connect businessmen across the globe, Gwadar Gymkhana is expanding its reciprocal network. According to Mr. Baloch, it is through reciprocity of clubs that the businessmen all around the world can capitalize on opportunities available in the Smart Port City Gwadar, the upcoming trade hub of Asia.

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