Gwadar Gymkhana

Baloch Culture Day Celebration


Baloch Culture Day was introduced to the world by Chairman Gwadar Gymkhana, Ahmed Iqbal Baloch. It is an iconic event where common values, attitudes, historical cultural preferences, unique knowledge of the Baloch community are highlighted. It has created a positive influence on social development within the communities of Pakistan and around the world. The recognition of a unique identity also plays a very important role in motivating the Baloch to participate in social and developmental activities.

This eventually makes a positive impact to develop better creative environments. It has been noted at many levels of society that the Baloch culture day is a prerequisite for a well-functioning public sphere with arenas for appreciation, critical debate and exchange of mutual ideas. This is vital for developing a sense of identity, attachment to place and social participation. Baloch culture day on 2nd March also affects the economic climate of Balochistan through cultural understanding and business development. The yearly celebrations are with full participation from the entire Baloch strata in cities & towns across Pakistan, particularly Balochistan.

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