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CPEC investments top $25 billion says Nong Rong

Chinese enterprises Report launched by Chairman Senate, speakers welcome Prime Minister’s February visit to China, CPEC investments top $25 billion says Nong Rong

(Islamabad, January 5): Pakistan-China Institute (PCI) and All-Pakistan Chinese Enterprises Association (APCEA) launched the annual ‘APCEA Sustainable Development Report 2021’ during an event organized at the Chinese Embassy here. The event was attended by over 100 participants and featured five speeches, including the Chief Guest, Sadiq Sanjrani, Chairman Senate of Pakistan, Yang Jiandou, Chairman APCEA, Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed, Chairman Senate Defence Committee & Pakistan-China Institute, Khalid Mansoor, Special Assistant to PM on CPEC Economic Minister Xie Guoxiang and Nong Rong, Ambassador of China to Pakistan. APCEA represents 200 Chinese Companies working in Pakistan. Speakers also welcomed the upcoming visit of the Prime Minister to China early February, as it would strengthen the bilateral bond.

Hailing the launch of the report as a good step towards enhancing the understanding of work being done by Chinese enterprises in Pakistan, the speakers appreciated the role of APCEA and PCI for documenting the report which will serve to promote facts and information regarding the role of Chinese enterprises in Pakistan.

In his keynote speech, Sadiq Sanjrani, Chairman Senate of Pakistan said that through this report, the people will learn more about CPEC and the opportunities being created by Chinese enterprises in Pakistan. Terming CPEC as a game changer, he said the project will create trade linkages and economic opportunities in the whole region. Moreover, he said that after overhauling the infrastructure and alleviating the energy crisis in the first phase, CPEC Phase two will initiate an era of industrialization in the country. To harness the opportunities brought by the second phase, he advocated for enhancing communication with Chinese enterprises. He urged APCEA to closely coordinate with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Pakistan.

Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed, Chairman Senate Defence Committee & Pakistan-China Institute said that APCEA report will serve the purpose of presenting facts and nullifying the fiction being propagated by the adversaries of China about CPEC. He pointed towards the recently passed “Strategic Competition Act” by the US Senate through which the US has allocated $300 million for a “Countering China Influence Fund”. Against this backdrop, he advised the companies to brace themselves for any disinformation campaigns. He also lauded the upcoming development related to slashing of the long bureaucratic red tape of 37 rules and regulations and said that it would facilitate and ease the work of Chinese enterprises. Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed criticized the boycott of Beijing Olympics by certain Western Countries as biased and based on double standards. He said 2022 is the year of Pakistan’s Platinum Jubilee, in which Pakistan-China ties have always been Center-stage.

Ambassador Nong Rong, said that last year, China and Pakistan held series of celebrations to reinvigorate their time tested friendship as it marked the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations. Both sides have supported each other in their fight against the global pandemic and pushed forward high quality development of CPEC. He said China had invested over $25 billion in Pakistan on CPEC projects generating 75,000 jobs, producing 5500 kw of electricity and building over 500 kilometers of roads and highways.

Khalid Mansoor, Special Assistant to PM on CPEC, said that he has seen at first hand the difference being created by the work of Chinese enterprises in Pakistan. Through CPEC, the dream of Thar Coal energy became a reality. CPEC Authority, he said, is working tirelessly to remove any bottlenecks which may emerge during the execution of CPEC projects. He said the Prime Minister had ordered the removal of 37 regulations for a one window operation for foreign investors and the Prime Minister personally would be taking briefings on CPEC projects progress every 15 days. .

Xie Guoxiang, Minister Counselor of Economic Affairs of Chinese Embassy said the trade and economic cooperation between two countries has been further cemented since the start of CPEC. Chinese enterprises, he maintained, have done marvelous work which can be clearly seen in the report being launched today.

Yang Jiandou, Chairman APCEA said that Chinese enterprises have pursued sustainable development strategies in Pakistan and their role is not limited to building motorways and constructing power projects. The Chinese enterprises have improved people’s livelihood, implemented eco-friendly development, joined hands with Pakistani counterparts to fight pandemic, and helped in developing local education. Moreover, he said that the leadership of APCEA has been committed to enhance the connectivity between Chinese enterprises and the local business bodies.

The report launching was attended by a packed audience representing CEO of Chinese enterprises , including Senator Kauda Baber from Baluchistan.

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