Gwadar Gymkhana

Chairman CPEC holds a meeting in Gwadar to discuss development of the city


Gwadar: A meeting regarding Gwadar’s development was held on 31st May 2021 at the Gwadar Business Centre in Gwadar, Balochistan. The meeting body included Chairman CPEC Authority Gen. Asim Saleem Bajwa, Chairman GPA Saleem Kashani, and Chairman COPHC Zhang Baozhong. Chairman Gwadar Gymkhana and GBDA Ahmed Iqbal Baloch along with his delegation also attended the discussion.

During the discussion, the issues which Gwadar’s builders and developers have been facing were brought to attention. The builders also asked the authorities to facilitate them with water and electricity. Not only will such utilities help speed their projects but help in Gwadar’s development. Moreover, Chairman Gwadar Gymkhana suggested that the whole district of Gwadar should be declared as a Tax Free Zone. According to him, it will help promote industrialization in the city and hence create employment opportunities.

Additionally, talks about land cancellations, developments of CPEC, and the bright future of Gwadar were also a part of the general discussion. Finally the authorities advised the builders to increase their speed of development and promised to facilitate them in whatever way needed.

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