About Us


Haji Muhammad Iqbal Baloch (Founding Father)

Haji Muhammad Iqbal Baloch, was one of the activist in Pakistan’s movement, later became the advisor to the President of Pakistan Field Marshall Muhammad Ayub Khan, He was also the father of the city Karachi, when Karachi was the capital. Haji Muhammad Iqbal Baloch played a major role in the development of Balochistan & Pakistan, specially Gwadar. At that time Gwadar was not the part of Pakistan but Oman and on his deep effort, realising the importance of Gwadar and its natural deep sea port, forecasting it to be a part of progressing Pakistan, he pushed this initiative to President Ayub Khan, due to which government of Pakistan purchased Gwadar from Oman and made it a part of Pakistan in 1958. CPEC base-work actually started during his time, and he has built a deep relationship with Chinese leadership, Mao Zedong and Chunen Lye.

Ahmed Iqbal Baloch, Chairman - Visionary Group

Senior Media and Business Management skills combined with almost 2/3rd lifetime of service in the social and private sector of Pakistan. Extensively skilled in program development, management and direction of the Public & Government Interest, budget development and administration, public/community/media outreach and relations. Skilled promoter of programs and projects, staffing & operations with exceptional leadership confidence & belief. An excellent writer, a passionate poet, trainer, mentor, speaker and motivator, and a proven team builder and self‐starter, capable of starting and maintaining complex new organizations and public/private welfare projects. A capable, quick and efficient public speaker & speech writer and document writer. Upholder of Cultures.

Having had considerable experience in the satellite Media TV Channel (VSH NEWS as CEO), Social sector and Executive Government Interface, attained substantial Political & Diplomatic skills, strategic and tactical insight and implementation in the most demanding and challenging environment in national interest of Pakistan. Gwadar Gymkhana club being a private initiative in the same footstep of forefathers, a brain child of Ahmed Iqbal Baloch primary for national integration and harmony of all sector of Pakistanis for international commercial gateway of CPEC.

Foremost contribution, VSH TV is contributing to bridge between the Government and the people in their own language in Balochi programs broadcast to raise confidence, understanding and standard of the local population and their commercial participation in all developments in Balochistan including CPEC. Millions of unserved Baloch people watch this sole Balochi language TV channel to come out of isolation and stay connected with mainstream Pakistan and maintain business and culture. It is the sole Balochi language Satellite TV transmission for the whole of Pakistan, Balochistan and also in upper Sind & Karachi, South Punjab & parts of KPK and brotherly countries Oman, Saudi, Iran, Dubai & Qatar since 2009.

Shahmir Ahsanullah (Head, Operations & Business Development)

Shahmir is a graduate from Cardiff Metropolitan University U.K. & SZABIST with a degree in International Business and a Post Graduate diploma in Film & Television from Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture. He brings in 4 years of varied experience in marketing, operations, advertising and businesses development. Shahmir believes in Visionary Group philosophy in providing an unforgettable customer experience and never to compromise on professionalism.